Being A Child Again

The tweens and teens of the Hurston & Hughes Literary Circle had an opportunity to step back into their kindergarten selves and discover imagination and wonder.

They first encountered StoryCubes and the art of writing. The circle is divided between middle school and upper middle/high school. Each table had a separate set of StoryCubes and the dice with picture.

Pens were etching out all the possibilities that creativity considers.

They then read their stories and spent time wondering about how each of them saw somethng different in the cubes. It is a great writing exercise.

After they laughed and giggled, they settled onto bean bag chairs and found themselves in their kindergarten selves. The circle paired up and read children’s books with the instruction to find something with someone like them and then to tell why they chose that book.

The Hurston & Hughes Literary Circle is honored to have the parent support and the support of many poets, writers, and teachers who provide advice and expertise on our program efforts.

Mrs. CC and Mrs. Lois, one a former teacher and the other an English major in college, paired up with the reader and took them through writing exercise centered on the books they are reading for the upcoming gathering.

We have three main goals for the readers in the literary circle:

  • Read at least four books during the eight week sessions
  • Write at least one book essay since all of them have reading requirements for their schools
  • Find joy in reading AfroDiasporian literature
  • Explore the literary offerings at their local libraries and book stores
  • Learn how to select books that pique their interests and celebrate their culture
  • And of course, to make new friends

There is still time to join. Want to learn more? Contact Mrs. Antona


Our next gathering on June 21st, will be at Kaldi’s on Kirkwood Road. Station Plaza offers outdoor seating, a fountain, and scenic views of downtown Kirkwood (this is Lindberg).  They will meet for afternoon coffee, tea, lemonade, and snacks, and share on the books they are reading.

Middle school girls are reading One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia

High school girls are reading Zahrah the Windseeker by Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu

Middle and high school boys are reading All American Boy or When I Was the Greatest by Jason Reynolds

On June 28th, we will gather at the Carpenter Branch of the St. Louis Public Library when all the groups will discuss Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. They will meet upstairs in the conference room and then have an opportunity to explore this ethnically diverse library in the heart of south city.

Want to learn more?





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