The Bookshelf

Every year, we rearrange our bookshelf to showcase the books we are reading in the literary circle.

There are so many more authors and debuts than when we started. Our shelves are running out of space.

It is a delicate dance of moving and curating the collection that will make it to the ten weeks we are together every summer.

What should we add to the 2022 Bookshelf?

We are currently curating for the summer with more books than we can cover in ten weeks.

January 2022, we are currently exploring The 1619 Project, conceptualized by Nikole Hannah-Jones as a non-fiction entry. There is poetry in the book that covers a new origin story from 1619-2021. It is stronger than the original New York Times Magazine series. The poetry selection is again featuring the amazing Amanda Gorman’s new book Call Us What We Carry. We are still intrigued by the work of fiction written in verse and so will be visiting with the voice of a high school girl in Muted by Tami Charles. A great fiction book with a strong Black female protagonist who is a senior in high school is by Camryn Garrett – Off the Record. As Zora Neale Hurston is one the inspiration of this literary circle, we are reading a newly released (2022) book of her essays, You Don’t Know Us Negroes.

Founder and Executive Director on a curating tour to Cafe Con Libros in Brooklyn, NYC. This is an independent bookstore, feminist bookstore, AfroLatina bookstore.

If you have a suggestion, contact our director.

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