poy17jm6rymvpsjaen0wfq-1It’s that time again! We are always excited when the calendar turns to May because it means we officially kickoff the new season and open registration. This year, registration is from May 15-31, 2022. Like last year, we are asking all participants to complete this form so we have accurate information to send the virtual links.

We are celebrating that circle members have graduated high school this year and our alumni that are in college have been awarded academic honors. It inspires us in what we do. While they are doing internships and working over the summer, a couple of them have agreed to come back for one or two sessions and we appreciate their insights with the high schoolers.  

The books we are reading have all been selected and while we are still virtual, we welcome the thought of circle members gathered – safely – in their respective cities, and joining us from their favorite spots. The Omicron variant has caused a spike in Covid numbers so we do ask that if you gather, to please wear a mask. Here in Connecticut, we will be taking a few sessions along our favorite beaches, at our favorite libraries, and at a few bookstores. Tell us your favorite place. 

What information do you need to join us this year? We are unapologetic about focusing on AfroDiasporan/Black Diaspora literature, poetry, prose, and essays. This is especially true as we have watched with outrage at the assaults on literary freedom through book bans. We stand with our authors and are so proud that so many teens have formed book clubs to take back the right of reading. We believe in the power of story and narrative that celebrates Black teens and the beauty within this unique culture. All we need is you!

If you have questions and I’m sure you do, feel free to reach out to the director. You can reach Ms. Antona at antona@hurstonandhughesliterarycircle.

We are on social media on Instagram and Twitter, both @lattegriot and of course, we keep our Facebook page updated with images of the books we are reading and any updated information, that is primarily for the parents. 

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