2023 Registration

To read is to inquire.

We are so excited for the 2023 season!  WE are TEN! We are Celebrating!

Guess what? You asked and we responded - an update - This year we are presenting a  Six week intensive from June 20-August 1, 2023, 3-5pm Every Tuesday 

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1EHSJVVYzQeYl4zUqky8egiysMOPy7UUiqSMYBooR6js/edit .
If you love to read (or even if you don't but know your world will be so much better if you do!) you are Invited to join teens representing the world who want to engage with African American, Caribbean, AfroBritish, and West Indian literature in an inclusive environment. It is a mini HBCU-like setting that meets meets virtually.

Black bookstores and bookstores centering writers of color have had a renaissance since 2020. We continue to source through www.bookshop.org and invite our circle members to purchase at least two books from local, independent, and/or Black bookstores. We have a list of favorites.

WE remain unapologetically focused on Black literature and in celebration of the Black voice.

We are not a book club. We are an experience. Using a college-level style of exchange, we go where the conversation takes us through a centered piece of literature. We do not ban books and as such, encourage and invite our readers to bring their whole selves into discovering poetry, prose, creative non-fiction, fantasy/dystopian, and literary works that centers the Black voice. WE are especially engaging with works that tell a nuanced story of the African American experience beyond chattel enslavement and oppression, but one that highlights and celebrates the beauty of the people uniquely situated in the world.

We believe in the power of story and narrative that celebrates Black teens and the beauty within this unique culture. All we need is you!

If you have questions and I’m sure you do, feel free to reach out to the director. You can reach Ms. Antona at antona@hurstonandhughesliterarycircle.

We are on social media on Instagram and Twitter, both @lattegriot and of course, we keep our Facebook page updated with images of the books we are reading and any updated information, that is primarily for the parents.  On Instagram? Follow us @taye_foster_bradshaw

The Hurston and Hughes Literary Circle™ is a social, racial, gender, and literary justice enterprise of the Taye Foster Bradshaw Group, LLC – a Connecticut registered entity. Antona Brent Smith, Founder, Director, and CEO. Email: antona@hurstonandhughesliterarycircle.com or antona@tayefosterbradshaw.com

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