poy17jm6rymvpsjaen0wfq-1One of the most exciting times for us here at the literary circle is when graduation season hits and the end-of-the-school year is just ahead.

This year, we are welcoming back our intern, Kiden, who completed her first year of college as an honor student, writer, and student leader in the midst of Covid. An award winning writer, she will be hosting sessions with the high school circlers.

The books we are reading have all been selected and while we are still virtual, we welcome the thought of circle members gathered – safely – in their respective cities, and joining us from their favorite spots. We are in the Northeast now and look forward to time along the shoreline.

What information do you need to join us this year? We are unapologetic about focusing on AfroDiasporan/Black Diaspora literature, poetry, prose, and essays. We believe in the power of story and narrative that celebrates Black teens and the beauty within this unique culture. All we need is you!

Here is a link to the form, if you have questions, email the director at or

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