Today is the Day!

There is much excitement in the office today!

The registration packets are prepared, the books are bagged, the notes are ready, Hurston & Hughes Literary Circle starts in six hours!

This is an unique opportunity for middle and high school St. Louis teens of the Afro-Diaspora to gather together and read in a culturally supportive environment. They will read poetry, prose, essays, and literary works in a way that celebrates the gifts, joys, and wonder of a vast ethnically diverse people.

Numerous studies have supported the academic retention that students gain when they continue to engage in literature over the summer break. At Hurston & Hughes, we will read, discuss, and write about what we have read. There will be an opportunity for the readers to complete summer requirements for the next academic year and gain some peer reviews for some of their work.

The summer is a wonderous time for students to discover something, make new friends, and gain a broadened perspective to take into their fall academic studies.

We will meet today at ModPizza in Kirkwood from 4pm-6pm. The circle always begins and ends our summer with poetry.

Interested? Join us!

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