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My New York Book Moment

For The Love of Reading

The 2022 Season has come to a close and if there is one thing we wanted to instill in the teens it is this – The Love of Reading. We talked about the book banning happening across the country and the motives behind it. We centered issues of identity and belonging in everything we read. […]

2022 Season!

We are so excited for the reading we will do this season. While registration is now closed, we do encourage and invite teens to follow us on Instagram or pop over here to find out what we think about the books we will encounter this year. The 1619 Project is our first book and while […]

Summer 2022

We are excited to read together this summer and every summer. Our format rarely changes, we sometimes shift around the themes depending on what we decide together. I curate the books and the circle decides on the order, empowering themselves in being able to make literary choices, work with each other, and take on the […]

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