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My New York Book Moment

In The Stacks

January is always exciting to me because I get to count down to the start of a new literary season. It is also exciting because there are lots of debuts being announced, many of them in YA. The other big part of January for me is that it is my reading time, when I get…

Holiday Anticipation

Happy Turkey Day! I was walking through my library and noticed the stack of books I’m reviewing for the 2023 season of the literary circle. This time of year is always a great opportunity to visit local, independent bookstores and find out what new titles to introduce to our readers. If you are like me,…

For The Love of Reading

The 2022 Season has come to a close and if there is one thing we wanted to instill in the teens it is this – The Love of Reading. We talked about the book banning happening across the country and the motives behind it. We centered issues of identity and belonging in everything we read.…

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