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My New York Book Moment

Summer 2022

We are excited to read together this summer and every summer. Our format rarely changes, we sometimes shift around the themes depending on what we decide together. I curate the books and the circle decides on the order, empowering themselves in being able to make literary choices, work with each other, and take on the […]

Just Read

If there is one thing I want to accomplish with The Hurston and Hughes Literary Circle® is to get more teens reading and discussing the ideals in books. Over the past school year, we have seen an unprecedented effort to ban books in public libraries, public schools, and classrooms. Under a rhetoric of pretending to […]

Can’t Wait for the Summer

I love this time of year. Maybe because it is Taurus season and my birthday is in early May. Or because it is near the end-of-the-semester and my college girl comes home. Or my youngest is almost finished with high school and will be revealing her choice for college. Or maybe it is because my […]

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