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My New York Book Moment

To Gaze Across The Horizon and Imagine

There is something special when you take some time out of your day to simply read a book. Not for an assignment, trust me, we’ve had plenty of those required-reading-assignments that moved as fast as watching paint dry. Necessary, not not nurturing. So, we count it joyful when the calendar turns to May 1 and…

Spring into Pages Turning

Spring came this past week and always fills us with the joy of the possible. We had the opportunity to visit a few bookstores and take in new titles that would be great for the literary circle teens and alumni who want to delves into the world of creative thought. Books hold such a special…

In The Stacks

January is always exciting to me because I get to count down to the start of a new literary season. It is also exciting because there are lots of debuts being announced, many of them in YA. The other big part of January for me is that it is my reading time, when I get…

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