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My New York Book Moment

The Founder’s Birthday Gift

Today is my birthday and one of the gifts I’ve always treasured was the gift of beauty in words of possibility. That has always meant Iove handmade journals, pens, bookmarks, or most especially a new book from one of my favorite Black owned bookstores powered by Well, I can’t give all that to all […]

Gathering in Circles

It is May! Besides it being birthday month in my house, it is the final, final month when I gaze excitedly at that pile of books waiting to chat with the circle members about all things Black lit! A couple weeks ago, my family traveled to Philadelphia and New York. Each of these literary cities […]

The Books

The most exciting thing and the hardest thing about preparing for the literary circle every year is narrowing down the selection of books. There are so many powerful stories and wonderful voices for 2021! It is March, the calendar has officially declared it spring. There are more and more vaccines available for adults and in […]

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