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My New York Book Moment

Unresting Stories

We are like many of the people we know who watched in disbelief as the Nation’s Capitol was stormed by insurrectionists bent on extracting the life of our congresspersons they deemed not in line with their nihilistic race-based conspiracy theories. It is definitely something I have never seen. As I watched with two of our […]

Holiday Literary List

December is one of my favorite literary shopping months. Even in this pandemic and with independent bookstores working together to offer possibilities, I am still able to indulge in my bibliophile dreams. It is also a time for my to keep culling down the list for 2021. Are you book shopping for your teens? I […]

Black Panther and Black Literature

We are greeting the morning in a world where King T’Challa has ascended. Yes, he was a fictional character in the fictional land of Wakanda, but to so many of those in my literary circle, he was part of all that was possible. The fictional world of Wakanda was imagined as we read SLAY and […]

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