It is exciting in the offices of Tayé Foster Bradshaw Group as we hone down those final list of books, purchase pens, order t-shirts, and prepare for the first week of the Hurston & Hughes Literary Circle!

This is an unique opportunity open to any middle-to-high school AfroDiasporian student in the St. Louis Metro area. We meet every week to read, discuss, and celebrate the African-American, West Indian, AfroEuropean, and West African experience.

Readers are encouraged to bring their required reading list for their school district, there is one week where we set aside time for students to read, discuss, and write those due-the-first-day essays.

Our first session will be on Tuesday, June 7th, from 4-6pm at ModPizza. Parents are invited to pay the $25 registration fee at that time and purchase a t-shirt. All readers will be given a book journal, pen, pencil, and bookmark. T-shirts are $25.

A note about the snacks. There are eight sessions total with four of them being in a location where the reader will need to have their own money for snacks. We estimated those snacks to be $10 per person.

We are looking forward to an engaging summer where we find ourselves in the story!


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