Independence Day?

Rarely does an H&H session fall directly on the Fourth of July. This year is one of those days, set against the political and cultural climate of 2017 that lends itself to the teens processing a speech and a poem.

We will gather at the Nordstrom’s eBar at the West County Mall for a refreshing beverage and a bit of discussion on the themes of freedom and independence. We will be reading Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes and What to the Slave (or Negro) is Your Fourth of July by Frederick Douglass.

After we read, we will take a brief tour through the Barnes & Noble Bookstore upstairs to see what titles reflect Afrodiasporan Culture and what titles they find interesting.

Haven’t had time to join us? There is still an opportunity. We did a check of area middle and high schools, all of them have required reading for the summer. Studying is better in a group, come and join us for a Read-and-Write-In on Tuesday, July 11th from 4-6pm at Hartford Coffee Company in Tower Grove.

Not sure of your school reading requirement? Contact Mrs. Antona Brent Smith. She has the lists for MICDS, Burroughs, Mehlville, LaDue, Ursuline, Lindbergh, Nipher, Bernard,and Kirkwood High School.

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