2022 Season!

We are so excited for the reading we will do this season.

While registration is now closed, we do encourage and invite teens to follow us on Instagram or pop over here to find out what we think about the books we will encounter this year.

The 1619 Project is our first book and while it is too much to read in one week, we have invited the circle to explore the short poems and fiction writing that tells a fuller origin story. While our children’s book week is a bit away, we will also engage with Born on the Water through a shared reading of the picture book based on the larger work. It all starts on June 14th, just in time for Juneteenth when African Americans in this country were finally able to breathe a moment of free air. As the readings have shown us over the year, this is often fleeting and not always afforded to everyone.

We strongly believe in the power of literature to enable teens to become thinking adults who will make an impact on the world.

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