Summer 2022

We are excited to read together this summer and every summer. Our format rarely changes, we sometimes shift around the themes depending on what we decide together. I curate the books and the circle decides on the order, empowering themselves in being able to make literary choices, work with each other, and take on the role of discussion leader.

This is our June 14-August 16, 2022 Season . Every Tuesday, 3-5pm EST, Virtual – link provided to registrants only

Week One – Introduction, Literary Biography, and Show and Tell

Week Two – First Read, We will explore The 1619 Project and Four Hundred Souls

Week Three – Poetry, Please

Week Four – Contemporary Fiction

Week Five – Contemporary Fiction – circle member lead the discussion

Week Six – Literary Non-Fiction

Week Seven – Children’s Books and Illustrations (working on getting an illustrator to come)

Week Eight – Contemporary Fiction – circle member lead the discussion

Week Nine – Author Chat, Bookstore Chat

Week Ten – Write me into history – circle members share their writings and revised literary biography

If you have questions, please reach out to our director. antona@hurstonandhughesliterarycircle.com

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