Can’t Wait for the Summer

I love this time of year.

Maybe because it is Taurus season and my birthday is in early May.

Or because it is near the end-of-the-semester and my college girl comes home.

Or my youngest is almost finished with high school and will be revealing her choice for college.

Or maybe it is because my huge TBR pile is waiting for leisurely exploration as I narrow down the selection for the season.

Whatever it is, something about this in-between time from the end of March through May, is just joyful anticipation.

Like the birds chirping and the sun shining and the lawn guys outside bringing the landscape back to life after the long slumber, signs of emerging life are all around me.

One of the signs dropped on my Twitter on Monday. The weekly countdown to what we will read. So, in full anticipation of what those books will be, we will be letting you know every week up to our June 14th kickoff.

You already know that we will be delving into The 1619 Project and that is a book that I believe everyone should read. You also already know we are reading Off the Record by Camryn Garrett.

Well, new addition, featuring the stories of three Black Muslim teen girls, is You Truly Assumed by Laila Sabreen! We are excited about this debut, she is a current college student, and has given voice to what we dreamed for this AfroDiasporan literary circle. Being Black is not a homogenous experience. This contemporary tale is told through the voice of three young women, all Muslim, all with diverse experiences of their faith and their race. Get the book and join us. Ponder the questions on being and belonging that resonate throughout the selections this year.

Are you ready to enroll?

We are accessible and totally affordable. We are a college-prep literary seminar that reads a variety of content every year. We feature poetry, children’s books, creative non-fiction, literary works, and contemporary YA in our ten week experience. This is also a perfect opportunity to have a bit of the Socratic, open format college-type discussions that encourage you to think, to share your ideas, and to grow through dialogue.

antona@hurstonandhughesliterarycircle.com to email the Director.

Follow @lattegriot on Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date on our news.

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