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It’s Almost Time!

I am jumping up and down as the calendar pages turn.

It is Memorial Day Weekend and almost that time.

This year, for the first time in forever, we will be changing our start date.

June 1st – we will take registrations, answer questions, and hang out in the Zoom room, but our real date will be June 15, 2021 at 3pm. We will be reading our first book, Angel of Greenwood by Randi Pink.

We’ve relocated to the Atlantic coast and in so doing, have embraced a new existence where the teens here are still in school until mid-June. There are many of them not finished with classes on June 1st, so we made the decision to push back our program year.

This year, we will meet from June 15-August 17. It is still ten weeks, twenty hours, of curated Afrodiasporan literary experience that is so unique to Black teens. We have some amazing books lined up and are on schedule to have two author visits, one bookstore owner visit, and a writing session.

Not registered yet? There is still time. $75 registration, $350 reduced program fee(see the registration form for levels if you really, really, really need it). We want you here, in a space that celebrates the Black experience, unapologetically.

Have questions? Email me.

Follow me on Twitter at @lattegriot or on IG at @literarydove2020.

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