The Founder’s Birthday Gift

Today is my birthday and one of the gifts I’ve always treasured was the gift of beauty in words of possibility. That has always meant Iove handmade journals, pens, bookmarks, or most especially a new book from one of my favorite Black owned bookstores powered by http://www.bookshop.org.

Well, I can’t give all that to all the teens I’m inviting to the literary circle, but today, May 6th, I can give 35% off the registration and program fee!

That’s right, It’s Rev. Antona’s birthday and my gift of a ten week summer of Afrodiasporan literary works is $48.75 registration fee, discounted from $75. And there’s more. I’m feeling so joyous, so how about $227.50 fee instead of already deeply discounted $350 for two hours of curated discussions over ten weeks!

$AntonaSmith – cash app

readwritethinkconnect@gmail.com – PayPal

If you want to pay through another means, contact me. antona@hurstonandhughesliterarycircle.com

Reading is a pleasure I always enjoyed every summer. Hope you are joining me! This circle is for Afrodiasporan teens in middle and high school wherever you find yourself in the country. We are meeting via Zoom.

Register here.

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