Summer 2020???

Covid-19 has inserted itself in every part of life imaginable, The Hurston & Hughes Literary Circle is no exception.

January 2020 started with us like January always starts, we begin to look at the works we have compiled since the previous September. We begin to visit venues and excitedly, we begin work on our communication pieces. These usually take us through the first quarter  with it being right-about-now, that we start posting our locations and invitations.

Well, Covid-19 has put a pause in what we will consider.

We will still read, for that invites and enlightens us. We can still connect and talk with others reading and imagining with us.

We are watching the news reports and taking it into consideration if the stay-at-home requirement extends to June. One of our H&H alumni has been furloughed to June 30, some of our distant readers’ states are on executive order through June 10, some of our expected venues are closed until July 1.

These are uncertain times for when it will be safe to gather together at a coffee shop, surrounded by lattes, lemonades, cookies and books. Uncertain time are also times when we reach back for familiar comforts and consider what we can do instead.

The team is exploring Zoom, Facebook Live, Twitter, and other methods of meeting together and engaging in literature. Our reading list this year is so much fun.

A sneak peak is an exciting work by Haitian sisters, Make Moulite and Maritza Moulite. Their quirky story of Alaine, a seventeen year-old high school student with her own style of reporting on the world, is one that will invite readers to examine their own outlook on life and tell it the way they see it.

Stay tuned to our when and where.

We are still reading in these Covid-19 times.



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