Afrodiasporan Teen Literature

Literature That Matters

We started reading with AfroDiasporan Teens several years ago in an effort to open up the possibilities for them to see themselves in literature that matters. The teens we work with are high achieving and curious,

We spend a year curating a collection to get to ten books for ten weeks in the summer.

Literature that matters.

We have more and more titles to choose from. These are titles that emerged after many years of many quests to have stories that did not marginalize or stereotype the Black teen experience.  Some of the most intriguing and nuanced stories are coming from writers who have compelling narratives to engage with 21st century teens.

December is a great time to collect books and give them as gifts.

This is also the time of year when “must read” books show up on lists by Goodreads, Amazon, The New York Times, or NPR. Some of the titles we are curating are on this list. We decided to present our own list of books for Black teens to consider in 2020. As a matter of fact, why wait until then? Start reading real books over the holiday break.

Take a visit to our developing bookshelf, one of twelve with titles we present to the teens. 20191203_105718


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