Summer Reading List for AfroDiasporan Middle and HIgh School Male Students

We highly recommend that young men read Native Son by Richard Wright and Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison. We would add to it the non-fiction memoir, Between The World and Me by Ta’Nehisi Coates.

Other title to consider include the Tankborn trilogy, All American Boys, The Rock and the River, Kindred, Boy 21, After Tupac And D Foster, Crossover, crow, and Jefferson’s Sons.

Another non-fiction suggestion is March One, March Two, and March Three by Congressman John Lewis. This series, particularly book one and two, allow readers to connect with the events of Selma using the medium of graphic fiction.

We do not read gratituous sex and violence, overly stereotyped urban or ghettoized genre, or the BluFord High Series.

We do suggest our readers introduce each other to books they are interested in, include their middle and high school reading list requirements, and keep an open mind while discovering themselves in literature.

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